Loop units

We provide a wide range of loop units for our fire detection systems. Our detectors, manual call points, I/O units, control units and alarm units are developed and approved according to European directives (CPD) requiring EN 54 compliance and other appropriate worldwide regulations. The loop units are available both with and without SelfVerify® function.

DYFI+® technology ensures that the values of detectors are compensated if necessary. This results in significantly fewer faults. 

SelfVerify® solves all issues of manual maintenance, leaving time consuming and costly physical testing redundant. With AutroSafe SelfVerify®, the system checks all detectors, interfaces, connections and cables – from detector chamber to alarm output – every single day.

Not only does the system test whether a detector is capable of provoking an alarm, it even verifies the sensitivity of every detector with a calibrated signal. The SelfVerify® system ensures that each detector always responds to the correct alarm level. In the event of irregularities, the display on the operating panel will accurately pinpoint the source of any problem.

SelfVerify® ensures that you have the safest and most reliable fire safety system available – a system ensuring optimal detection.