AutroSafe is a high-end fire detection system for large and complex buildings. Since the launch in 1999, it has proven its unique stability and reliability in more than 15.000 installations worldwide, from hotels to cruise ships to drilling platforms.

Reliable communication is paramount to your safety. That’s why we have added AutroNet to the AutroSafe system, an innovative network solution safeguarding communication between panels. AutroNet ensures a redundant and high-speed network expanding the reach of the AutroSafe system even further. The system can be set up either in a star or ring network, depending on your needs.

A maximum of 64 system units (panels, controllers) can be connected to the AutroNet. The system has a great capacity, and the fact that all types of loop units can be connected to the same detection loop gives large flexibility. Uploading of configuration data or system software to the entire system can be done from one single point. The USB port is used for downloading data from a USB memory stick.

Maximum capacity

  • 64 panels per system
  • 6/12* detection loops per panel
  • 127 loop units per loop
  • 40 alarm units per loop
  • 508 loop units per panel
  • 2 Ethernet ports
  • 1 RS232/RS422/RS485
  • 1 USB port

* Max. 12 loops per panel/controller, where 6 can be placed inside the cabinet.