Autroprime brings simplicity, quality and extensive functionality in one integrated system, providing safety and economy in a complete package.

Because the system is delivered in a pre-configured state, Autroprime is cost effective and fully functional after only a few minutes. The switchboard is set up to automatically recognize the loop units connected to the detection loop and the availability of routing equipment. Location-specific configuration can be easily carried out.

Autroprime is our easy, reliable and flexible fire detection system, providing a high-tech, low-cost alternative for fire detection in applications such as daycare centres, museums, small hotels, office buildings, etc. The system is approved according to international standards, providing the efficient and reliable detection our customers have come to expect.

Maximum capacity

  • 8 panels per system
  • 4 detection loops per panel
  • 127 addresses per loop
  • 40 alarm units per loop
  • 508 loop units per panel
  • 1 Serial port
  • 1 Ethernet RJ45
  • 1 USB port